reverse  atmospheric infusion: revolutionizing the world of tea one cup at a time.

achieving the perfect cup of tea has been almost impossible.

Until now.

Reverse Atmospheric INfusion™ (RAIN™). Three little words that will change beverage brewing as we know it. What is it? RAIN is a revolutionary brewing technology that changes the physics of extraction by controlling negativepressure variables during the infusion process. This patented process extracts the optimal flavor elements of even the most complex teas, coffees, and fruits for a never bland, never bitter, always perfect finish.

reverse  atmospheric infusion

PATENT #8,383,180 #8,586,1 17

  • RAIN

    Changes the Physics of Extraction Through the Use of Negative Pressure Vacuum States

    RAIN controls the atmospheric pressure variables during the extraction process to draw out the soluble flavor elements and natural sugars with unmatched consistency, purity, and speed.

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  • reverse  atmospheric infusion - part 1

    1. Negative Pressure

    Air is removed from the brewing chamber creating a negative vacuum that draws the tea to the surface of the liquid.

  • reverse  atmospheric infusion - part 2

    2. gases release

    As negative pressures increase, gases in the water and tea are released.

  • reverse  atmospheric infusion - part 3

    3. Return to Normal Pressure

    When the vacuum is released, the brew chamber returns to atmospheric pressure, the tea is infused, and the soluble flavor elements are released into the water.

  • reverse  atmospheric infusion - part 4

    4. repeat

    Brew cycle repeats based on complexity of dried material – ensuring optimal extraction of complete flavor profile.

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  • steam + temp + time

    CURRENT brewing methods are limited by the physics of infusion.

    Standard brewing methods are limited to only contact time and water temperature, making it difficult to extract pure, optimal flavors with consistency.

  • so we just changed the
    physics of infusion.

    Negative-pressure infusion variables – vacuum depth, vacuum duration and vacuum frequency – provide greater control over the brewing process resulting in a finished product with unmatched purity and consistency.

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    is it rocket science?

    Well, if you want a comparable cup brewed with negative pressure, you’ll pretty much need to travel to space. While some people feel going the distance for that perfect cup is necessary, space travel just seems silly when BKON gets the job done in 60 seconds.

  • lower temperature

    lower brewing temperature =
    less bitterness = omg!

    RAIN’s control over negative pressure allows the extraction to occur with greater accuracy and with less exposure to flavor-damaging hot water. The result is a smoother finish and preserved flavors. And that means one damn fine cup of tea.

  • time

    0 to perfect in 60 seconds™.

    Traditional brewing methods can take about six minutes. RAIN brews the smoothest, tastiest, most phenomenal cup of tea…in one-fifth the time. We guess faster is better after all.