Pure Passion

We are obsessed with discovering and exposing Earth’s richest and most delicate flavors so they can be enjoyed in their purest state.

Our mission is simple – to empower the world with a new arsenal of tools to inspire creativity and unlock the highest quality made-to-order craft beverages for people everywhere.

The Genesis

Coming from a 3rd generation coffee roasting company, founders Dean and Lou Vastardis have been immersed in the specialty beverage industry since their childhood. In 2007, Dean began to investigate some non-traditional coffee brewing methods inspired by how chefs speed marinate proteins. Ground coffee and hot water eventually found their way into an airtight food storage canister modified with a tire valve and connected to a vacuum pump. After three years of in-house product development the brothers realized they cracked the code on much more than a cup of coffee.

By 2013, Bkon had it’s first patent in hand and established a strategic partnership with Swiss-based Franke Group.

our partner


Through a strategic partnership with Franke Foodservice Systems, the BKON platform is built for the largest multi-unit customers and most discerning independent operators through Franke’s best-in-class, global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and service infrastructure.

franke facility

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