coffee’s full potential. realized.

RAIN is not just the old way of brewing done quicker. It’s a completely new way of brewing. The RAIN process radically alters the curve of extraction by accelerating the release of the inhibiting gasses without the need for agitation. This exclusive capability unlocks richer experiences of the naturally occurring flavor characteristics found in third wave coffees, based on terroirs and roasting profile. Coffee can now reach its real potential.

Using surprisingly coarse grinds provides more access to the coffee’s natural cellular structure, unlocking flavors through the cell layers without exposing more surface area with a fine grind.


Accelerates the release of the inhibiting gasses such as CO2 to brew the highest quality coffee in as little as 75 seconds.

not just any old filter

The proprietary design of our laser etched filter allows coffee to be brewed with and without paper, and eliminates the turbulence during the purge or draw down process — protecting the wonderful flavors created by RAIN.