The craft cloud

the power of rain at your fingertips

In the sky above is the BKON Craft Cloud™, a powerful platform for the creation, innovation and dissemination of recipes made possible through the RAIN process. Depending on the size and scale of your operation, it’s as easy as uploading information to your brewer on bar, or downloading a menu developed at HQ on the other side of the country. From creating an entirely new recipe for your own Nariño, to downloading your friend’s best go at your favorite Yirgacheffe, the BKON Craft Cloud gives you the tools to brew amazing coffee, tea, and signature craft beverages, everywhere and every time.

Consistency. consistency.
and repeat.

Before BKON there were no means of producing a perfectly crafted beverage consistently. With RAIN and the BKON Craft Cloud™, artisans, baristas and mixologists can now craft the perfect beverage consistently. Repeating the quality and authenticity of their creations every single time.

Command Central

The intuitive design of the BKON Craft Cloud™ user interface makes it easy for recipes and menus to be created, tweaked and managed… all from from one central location.

The recipe management functionality allows a brand to centrally create and manage recipes and then circulate to Craft Brewers in any location.

Intuitive graphical user interface allows the administrator to apply their proprietary RAIN extraction parameters across multiple beverage sizes.

Drag-and-drop design allows the administrator to add or remove recipes to and from custom menus that are replicated on BKON Craft Brewer’s touch screen.