RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion®) is a transformative innovation that controls the earth’s natural extraction process to change the rules of how beverages are created.


Regardless of how a beverage is brewed, the air and gases within the pores of the organic material need to be displaced.  Once displaced, the liquid can enter the material, and the flavors can be extracted.  This natural occurrence happens over time due to the Earth’s gravitational field.


However, the RAIN process uniquely controls how air or gases are removed from various organic ingredients to enhance flavor outcomes and innovate entirely new beverages categories, while circumventing the limitations of heat, agitation or force.  This is why the purest flavors come from RAIN.


PATENTS (Awarded): 8,383,180; 8,586,117; 9,295,358; 9,402,405


PATENTS (Pending): 13/749,436; 15/080,671; 14/499,924; 62/409,268; 15/121,588


International Coverage: EU, India, Japan and South Korea

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By controlling the depth, duration, and frequency of vacuum pressures that remove the air or gases from an organic material’s cellular structure, RAIN changes the rules on how soluble elements are extracted into a beverage.

we just changed the rules of extraction.

Negative-pressure infusion variables – vacuum depth, vacuum duration and vacuum frequency – provide greater control over extraction resulting in a finished product with unmatched flavors and consistency.


Craft’s Future

bkon is working with professor al robbat, jr. At tuft’s university to advance the knowledge of flavor creation and improve the capabilities around innovating beverages.

When compared to traditional tea brewing methods, the RAIN process extracts a significantly greater number of compounds from the tea, which explains why the BKON Craft Brewer produces a more complex, full bodied, and balanced cup of tea.”

– Albert Robbat, Jr.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Tuft’s University