Everything you love about your favorite coffee brand’s espresso and single origin brews is now possible cold.

Smooth. Sweet. It’s what makes cold brew so enjoyable.

But soaking coffee in a bucket for 20 hours is not a science, nor is it an art. This is the reason the vivid flavors, the true character of the coffee, never make it to the cup. But, those were the old rules.

After 1,000+ hours of R&D and four awarded patents, BKON has unlocked the art and science of cold brew flavor extraction.

True Single Origins

A smooth and perfectly balanced cold brew with layered terroir-based flavor characteristic.


A new coffee beverage that combines the sweet and vivid flavors of concentrated espresso with the smoothness of cold brew.

In addition to being served as a standalone shot, Coldstretto is also a peerless culinary ingredient.
Deconstructed Coldstretto Flat White 
Orange Spiced Coldstretto Craft Soda 
Amaro & Barrel-Aged Gin Coldstretto Spritzer 

The Storm is BKON’s power plant for large scale production of the most innovative and flavor nuanced cold brew coffees and more.


Allows roasters to elevate their cold brew offerings into the same specialty category as their hot brew and espresso.


In just 8 hours, a SINGLE Storm can match the output from what THREE 1,000 gallon tanks can produce in a single WEEK.


Compared to standard immersion methods of producing cold brew, the Storm reduces coffee costs 30%.

  • 01 Tank
  • 15 Min Brew Cycle
  • 3,300 Gals / 8 hrs
  • 30% Savings

Purest Flavors Come from RAIN

RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion®) is a transformative innovation that controls the earth’s natural extraction process to change the rules of how beverages are created.

Regardless of how a beverage is brewed, the air and gases within the pores of the organic material need to be displaced. Once displaced, the liquid can enter the material, and the flavors can be extracted. This occurs naturally over time due to the Earth’s gravitational field.
However, the RAIN process uniquely controls how gases are removed from various organic ingredients to enhance flavor outcomes and innovate new beverages, while circumventing the limitations of heat, agitation and force.
By controlling the depth, duration and frequency of vacuum pressure to remove gases from an ingredient’s cellular structure, RAIN changes the rules on how soluble compounds are extracted into a beverage.

Raincraft Services

RAIN is equal parts technology, science, and art. BKON has spent over eight years building a knowledge base on how vacuum depth, duration and frequency can produce unique beverage outcomes. We call this RAINCRAFT.

In order to help roasting partners elevate their cold brew, BKON is opening a RAINCRAFT facility to provide recipe development and training for STORM applications. This 14,000 sq./ft operations site will also provide partners with cold brew production and co-packing services. Scheduled to open July 2017.

Awarded Patents
8,383,180| 8,586,117| 9,295,358| 9,402,405
Pending Patents
13/749,436| 15/080,671| 14/499,924| 62/409,268| 15/121,588
International Coverage
EU| India| Japan| S. Korea


If you’re in NYC or Miami, visit one our friends to experience the beauty of true single origin cold brew or Coldstretto for yourself.
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Make it rain

BKON is partnering with specialty roasters and co-packers who are interested in developing the highest caliber cold brew coffees.
Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Storm or RAINCRAFT services.