BKON is dedicated to innovating how consumers experience Earth’s purest and most enjoyable flavors. We are relentlessly focused on creating transformative systems for the world of craft refreshment through our RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) beverage technology.

RAIN is a simple, yet powerful invention that enables beverage brands to innovate natural flavor outcomes. RAIN enhances the way infusion occurs and how soluble elements are extracted into a liquid by peacefully removing the air trapped in organic materials. The result is an exceptional beverage experience that consumers identify as distinct.


STORM unlocks the art and science of low temperature and cold-water coffee brewing. BKON’s recipe development, pilot production and STORM third-party integration enables brands to innovate new and unparalleled cold brew offerings.


We believe consumers deserve the best tasting beverages. We create exceptional beverages by uniquely extracting flavors from the Earth’s most natural and purest ingredients. After investigating some non-traditional coffee brewing methods inspired by how chefs speed marinate proteins, the idea behind RAIN was born. That idea is the impetus behind every beverage we craft. We are BKON, and we challenge the current methods of beverage creation to craft the finest tasting drinks.



“To build the foundations of what it envisions as a holistic beverage platform, BKON is focusing first on cold brew, a category in which the company believes RAIN can hone in on the subtle flavors and notes of specialty coffees to recreate the diversity and sophistication seen in third-wave hot coffee.”

“The SCA Global Specialty Coffee Expo is in full swing in Seattle today, and one of the biggest new product launches occurring — both physically and for its potential impact on the industry — is the BKON Storm.”

“The promise of BKON lies in its versatility: The same machine can yield a Madagascar vanilla–tinged coffee and, moments later, a mint-and-lemon infused gin cocktail.”

“The most impressive bit of tech we saw was the BKON, a craft brewing device presented by the company’s co-founder Lou Vastardis at Counter Culture in Soho. Both Kat and I left the demonstration a bit awestruck by the hardware.”

“The brewers multiple vacuum cycles remove the air in organic material to extract more flavor, faster, at lower temperatures.”

“Roasters can now create a continual release of cold brew offerings with the credibility of their other specialty coffee extractions.”

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